Back in the mainstream

Spirit Release is as old as history itself and still a normal part of shamanic healing in indigenous tribes across the world. Once we realize we do live in an multi-dimensional world we suddenly have access to a whole new realm of healing which modern pharmaceutical  'medicine' simply can't compete with. Spirit release is becoming more and more accepted as a modern therapy as modern 'medical' practices are seen to fail dismally.

Far more common than you think

Strong negative emotional states can weaken the human energy field, leaving it vulnerable to interference and attachment of entities. Most people seem to carry some form of negative entity which disrupts the bio-energy of its human host which can also interfere with its hosts's "free will".

Spirit Release offers freedom from

Psychic attack,


Spirit attachment

ET attachment,



Soul retrieval 

Cutting of psychic chords

Discarnate entities

In the case of entities, they can be of three main kinds. The first are 'discarnate' - meaning dead humans who have not returned to the light and have attached to our energy field. Sometimes they are people who were known to us, sometimes they are not. They could be the result of a simply being present at the time of a fatal accident or they could be uncle George who is lost and confused. Even in the case of a dear loved one the effect at the very least will be a depletion of your vital energy. They also need to be released to continue their spiritual journey.

Negative energies

The second kind are negative energies which appear to made from the human psyche but have a limited consciousness of their own. They can be things like 'craving', 'greed', 'fear', 'sadness', 'disappointment' etc. that have some kind of symbolic form. 

Dark or demonic entities

The third kind of entity is a dark entity or demonic inter-dimensional being who was never human and whose purpose is to create hell on Earth. They can exist in someone's energetic field or literally enter inside and possess someone - taking over completely for periods of time. They feed off the energy of fear and other negative emotions. They can cause havoc to someone's life and health and I believe they are behind most suicides. They can be transfered simply through family ties, by being attracted to a negative energy that suits them, through the use of excessive alcohol, certain drugs pharmaceuticals that lower a person's natural protection as well as through physical, sexual and of course Satanic ritual abuse.

It is dark entities that are responsible for night terrors. They generate intense fear in order to feed off that energy. Some seem to roam around looking for opportunities to feed while others try to stick to their hosts.

Effects of spirit release

As a result of a spirit release people have cured chronic and debilitating illness, found immediate freedom from addiction to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, food and sex. Releasing entities and becoming free from psychic attack can resolve anxiety issues, night terrors, low energy, depression, PTSD, anti-social behavior and phobias, as well as transmute emotions like anger, fear, sadness, guilt and shame that have no rational basis in your observable life.

Where and how much?

A spirit release session can take place face to face here Spain, on Skype or on the phone. We can also work remotely on a third party as long as their soul is in agreement. Spirit release can be carried out face to face or on-line from anywhere in the world. I speak English and French. You can be living in Spain, France, Italy, the UK,  the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Thailand or Russia it makes no difference as long as we can communicate.

Each session usually lasts from  90 minutes to two hours. The price is $100 for a session.

After the session you will probably feel as if a weight or burden has been lifted, and experience lightness, wholeness or a sense of completion, either immediately or progressively over a period of time. For many the experience is life changing.

I am so glad you found me. Not only can you be released from this negative energy but the entity it's self can be returned to the Light. In so doing we are raising the vibration of both  the planet and the Universe.

​​Bringing more Light, health and joy to humanity and the planet by transmuting addictions, negative emotions, blocks, beliefs, energies and entities; using guided trance, hypnosis, spiritual healing, and EFT (tapping)