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                                               It's time to stop smoking. You know it. You've known it for a long time. You

                                               may have tried to fool yourself that e-cigarettes counted as quitting but you                                                      know that's not true.                                                                                                                   

                                               Actually breaking free of nicotine addiction is easier said than done however.

                                               The cigarette companies have made sure of that. They now add almost 600

chemicals to tobacco as well as many to e-cigarettes (most e-cigarette companies are owned by the tobacco industry of course) - to keep you handing over your money every day; slowly destroying your health as you do so. Nicotine is very addictive on its own but when you add sugar it makes it 4x more addictive. When you add ammonia (which they do of course) it becomes volatile. Just like crack.

Emotionally, it's not easy. The effect of nicotine wearing off makes you feel anxious so you have to have another to calm down. It's the ingenious "rat in a wheel" trick where one cigarette sets you up for needing the next. On top of this though, our own emotional issues, play a big role in keeping us stuck. Any past trauma, grief, fear, shame etc. can be suppressed by smoking, making it really hard to stop until those issues are resolved.

Add to this, the daily stress of work, relationships, money issues and health worries and it's obvious why so many people struggle with quitting.

Help is at hand however. If you have ever had the thought that it would be nice to just  go away for a few days and come back as a non-smoker you have found the help you need. This quit smoking hypnosis program is designed for you.

I could offer the program for a maximum of 3 people over the three days. Each person would have private sessions. In the area there are all kinds of other accommodation to suit every budget or style. The Costa del Sol beaches are just 15-30 minutes away depending where you choose. Car rental is cheap as are hotels and restaurants. Many places offer a daily menu at lunch time with three courses for only 7-9 Euro.

Quit Smoking in Malaga

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Quit Smoking on the Costa del Sol

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Hypnosis for quitting smoking in Malaga

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy in Spain

Stop smoking holiday

Where to stay if you come to Spain

The work that we do and the techniques used vary for each person. I tend to use a combination of powerful visualization called Emotional Alchemy  designed to clear out old negative emotions, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping) for releasing the erroneous beliefs and craving, and Hypnosis for embedding the new experience of you as a non-smoker. We could also do some Regression or Spirit Release work if it was appropriate.

We can set the sessions up for a time that suits you although the morning may be best. 

The first session will focus mostly on transmuting any anger, fear, anxiety, stress, sadness, guilt, shame etc. so that you can start vibrating at the frequency that no longer matches the low frequency of cigarettes. You will notice following the session that you have very little desire to smoke, if at all.

The second session will focus on clearing any programing you have about smoking ("I enjoy smoking", "I love smoking with my smoking friends", "Smoking connects me to my dad" etc.) and will start to help you to see yourself as a non-smoker.

The third session will mostly focus on implanting powerful hypnotic suggestions in your mind to ensure you quit and stay quit.

The Price to Quit Smoking: $300/ €255/ £225

We have two guest rooms, one double and one single. You are welcome to stay with us for 35 Euro/night per room. If you'd like breakfast we'd be happy to provide that too for a small additional charge. We are in the countryside between Alhaurin de la Torre and Alhaurin el Grande, about 20 minutes from Malaga airport. It is quiet and peaceful and the view is stunning. 

Break Free From Nicotine Addiction

Give yourself the gift of freedom from nicotine addiction


There are no guarantees in this kind of work. However, I, as well as  many of my clients can tell you, I have a very high success rate. See client testimonies here.

If you are not satisfied with the work that we do together  for any reason I will refund your money immediately.


...and say "hello" to the new non-smoking you!

Three 2 hour sessions over three days leaving lots of time to relax, explore, eat great food, soak up the sun and breath fresh air!

Please email me on helenhypnotist@gmail.com or call me. For the best number click here.

Don't have the time or money to come to Spain right now?

With Helen Basinger, Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and Author of "Quit Smoking Now and Forever!"

No problem. We can do the same sessions on-line or even by phone. Get in touch and let's book the sessions. Three consecutive days are good or one every other day works well too.

The Quit Smoking Program


Give yourself 3 days and quit smoking forever