​​Bringing more Light, health and joy to humanity and the planet by transmuting addictions, negative emotions, blocks, beliefs, energies and entities; using guided trance, hypnosis, spiritual healing, and EFT (tapping)

If you are reading this right now, then I am probably who you need at this point in your life. The Universe has a wonderful way and bringing the right people to you when you ask.

If you smoke and need to quit, if you are addicted to sugar, fast food or alcohol, drugs or pharmaceuticals I can help you get rid of the painful emotions you are attempting to suppress, as well as get rid of the craving.

If you are struggling to get out of depression, PTSD, constant anxiety or stress I can help you.

If you have lost your self confidence or self esteem following a toxic relationship or loss of a job I can make you feel strong again.

If you feel stuck, I can unstick you. If you feel sad I can bring back your smile. If you feel you are being influenced by a negative entity I can remove it.

When I say I can do these things, all I am actually doing is guiding you to be able to do it yourself through your own amazing mind. I am intuitive, I have a good understanding of psychology, I can easily lead people into a state of trance, but most importantly I know that we are all aspects of the Creator and have the ability to heal ourselves.

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Helen Basinger Transformational Hypnosis
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why work with me?

Alchemy of the subconscious mind

My area of expertise is in releasing negative emotions, habits, beliefs, energies, entities and pain so that you can be the best you that you can be. I work to help you release fear, anxiety, depression, addictions and everything that is holding you back.

I use the words emotional alchemy to describe what I do because energy can not be destroyed, only transmuted. By releasing negative energy we gain access to the positive energy that was previously blocked within us. 
My passion and purpose is to help raise the vibration of the planet through myself and through you.

I am a Certified Master Clinical Hypnotist, expert EFT (Tapping) Practitioner, Life Coach and Author of "Quit Smoking Now and Forever - Conquering the Nicotine Demon". After living in England, France and then Turkey and the USA for many years I am now living in the mountains between Alhaurin del Torre and Alhaurin el Grande in Andalucia, Spain. . I work just as easily on-line, by phone or in person. Once you close your eyes, my voice will guide you. We can use hypnosis for anxiety, hypnosis for depression, hypnosis for addiction, hypnosis for weight loss, hypnosis for quitting smoking, hypnosis for spirit release, hypnosis for past life regression, hypnosis for resolving trauma from sexual abuse, toxic partners, accidents etc. and we can use it for stopping phobias like fear of flying, water, birds, animals, lifts, heights etc.