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Chantal H.
11d ago

Healing at the deepest level has left me cleansed and energized...was outstanding in every aspect....ty Helen!

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​​Bringing more Light, health and joy to humanity and the planet by transmuting addictions, negative emotions, blocks, beliefs, energies and entities; using guided trance, hypnosis, spiritual healing, and EFT (tapping)


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As we go through life we can collect negative beliefs, emotions and energies that block that loving, joyful, peaceful self that is naturally within. We get hurt and we get angry, or we get sad, guilty and afraid. We take on family or cultural 'stuff'. It's like blobs of mud get stuck to our pristine selves. As our vibration goes down we start to attract more events, people and circumstances into our life of that same negative frequency.

But it does not have to be that way. It is possible to completely release this negative energy using hypnotherapy - and return to the natural, creative, motivated, bright shining divine being that we are.

Although my certification as a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist  implies I hypnotize people, a more accurate way to describe what I do is to wake people up from hypnosis - helping people release negative emotions, beliefs and attachments so that they can be free.  

I use trance, hypnosis and EFT to lift depression, end anxiety, help people quit smoking, lose weight, end phobias, release grief or guilt etc as well as  remove blocks to success, end self sabotage, drug and alcohol addiction, destructive relationships, self harm, cutting and suicidal thoughts - and in so doing change the course of adults and children's lives..

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, EFT, in Jimena de la Frontera, Marbella, Costa del Sol, Gibraltar,  Andalucia, Spain, face to face, as well as online and by phone working with clients in the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and with anyone who can speak English or French. Spirit Release, therapy, Past life Regression, Regression, Psychic Cord Cutting, Emotional Alchemy, EFT. Putting an end to depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias,  grief, chronic illness, sleeplessness, sleep paralysis, addiction, eating disorders, emotional blockages, repeated patterns of negative and destructive relationships and helping people recover from relationships with psychopaths  as well as recovering from sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

"Your guidance to me has been an integral part of my growth and movement to freedom."   John

"You are awesome and I'm so grateful for how much you have helped me on my path."   Justine

"After years of going to standard counseling sessions, I still had a deep sorrow that would swell up in me like a heavy weight. I was molested at age 11. At 45 years of age, I found Helen. I wanted to heal. She told me she could help. She did. In one session, I got rid of years of shame and guilt. I left her office feeling lighter. I no longer feel the weight of the shame and guilt. I no longer cry when I talk about it. Now, I can help people understand what goes on in a child's mind when trust is broken. If I ever find myself alone and sad, I still use her techniques and handle life in a whole new way. You've got to want to heal. You've got to want to be free and heal. Helen can help you. One session changed my life!"

"My experience with Helen was nothing short of miraculous. As a smoker of 30 years, I had tried to quit numerous times, all ending in failure. I had become tired of quitting, and was ready to try a different approach. One session with Helen, and I stopped immediately. It was unbelievable!
I went for a second session, and that was it. No more smoking. If you are wanting to stop smoking, but have had a hard time on your own, this may be the solution for you. It is worth a try! It worked for me when nothing else did.

Beyond the smoking cessation, working with Helen also helped me to free myself from negative emotions from my past. I so appreciate what she did for me, It was a real game changer. She is the best!"     Elaine from Key West

  • sleep better

  • put an end to nightmares and night terrors

  • quit smoking, overeating, gambling or other unhelpful habits

  • let go of grief caused by the loss of a loved one

  • extinguish your anger and release the hurt behind it                                                              
  • release attached entities and etheric implants 

  • find a solution to chronic pain or illness 

  • learn new ways to release negative emotions as they come up

  • stop repeating the same negative relationship patterns

  • end your fear of death

  • experience past lives

  • attract more money and abundance

  • clear childhood programming that  prevents you from reaching your true potential

"I was very nervous prior to my session with Helen. Helen knew exactly what to do to set my mind at ease. We removed a great deal of negative energy that I had been dragging around with me for years, in a very short amount of time. After our session together, I've noticed some changes in the way I hold myself, the way I talk to people and the way I generally feel throughout each day. I now feel a simple, subtle joy that I did not have access to before the session. Becoming a better version of yourself and living your best life takes work. I don't know why or how, but Helen knows exactly how to guide and help you with this process. I have another session next week and I can't wait to see what we uncover! :)"Heather

  • feel calm and at peace - free of stress

  • release past trauma so you are able to function freely and optimally

  • end addiction for good

  • free yourself by forgiving the people who hurt you as well as yourself

  • feel lighter and in better health as you release dark or 'discarnate' entities

  • remove the emotional blocks to setting intention, taking action and enjoying the fruits of your labors

  • cut the ties to people who are sapping your energy

  • release the emotions and cravings that prevent losing weight  

  • resolve erectile disfunction (ED)

  • end the punishment cycle caused by shame or guilt  

  • clear out the negative emotions behind the need for alcohol or drugs

  • heal your PTSD

  • stop phobias of flying, driving, heights, dogs, cats, bugs, birds, water, elevators etc. forever 

  • have a clearer understanding of why you are here and your purpose                    
  • help you set clear goals and eliminate the blocks to achieving them

"My experience with hypno-therapy was like nothing I had ever imagined. I was skeptical in the beginning, especially with doing therapy through Skype but I could not believe how successful it was!! Thanks to Helen's amazing techniques, I have been able to remove years and years of blame, shame, and guilt from my body. By removing all of these negative energies from within, I have been able to finally focus on taking care of my body. As a result I find myself finally able to lose weight which has been an enormous hurdle for me! I am so grateful I found Helen and I highly recommend her for anyone struggling to change some aspect of their life! Helen is a true asset!"
Kristin Flores, Key West, FL

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​Please seek medical advice for all medical and psychological issues. Note that some treatment can only be provided under the control of a medical practitioner. Helen Basinger is not a therapist or a doctor.

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